Course Summary
This bundled course includes both the Intro to Wordpress and Wordpress Block Editor courses

Intro to Wordpress

Whether you’re new to blogging, or are transferring from a different blog platform, learning a new environment can be daunting. This 5 video series gives you the fundamentals of navigating your new WordPress site, as well as creating your first post.
It includes 5 videos that help you become comfortable using basic WordPress features.
Learn how to:
- Navigate the WordPress interface
- Create and edit pages & posts
- Add images and PDFs
- Embed external videos  
- Schedule posts & pages, and other options
- Manage comments

Wordpress Block Editor

This course is designed for those that already know how to use the Classic Editor, but want to transition to the new Block (Gutenberg) Editor. Learn the differences between what you know (Classic Editor) and what's new (Block Editor).
It includes 6 short(ish) videos that highlight how to use the new WordPress block editor (also known as Gutenberg).    
Learn how to:
- Switch between the classic editor and block editor
- Create a post using the block editor  
- Add images and links, embed videos, and add custom HTML (These are my Stamps, My Stampin’ Blog, LinkDeli or InLinkz code)  
- Navigate the new post options  
- Move blocks, create reusable blocks, and create group blocks

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